FAQ: Why is My Calibration Certificate Only Good for One Year?
All new BGI and DryCal calibrators come with a calibration certificate that is valid for one year. Sometimes, we get requests from customers to extend the length of these certificates or questions about why we limit them to only one year. We would like to take this opportunity discuss the importance of annual calibration.

All three models of BGI calibrators operate using a venturi technology, which measures a pressure drop while air is being pulled through an orifice. The calibrator then computes the standardized flow rate using ambient temperature and pressure. If any one of these sensors is inaccurate, your measured flow rate will be inaccurate. While these sensors are quite stable, wear and tear associated with normal operation and more extreme events like dropping your calibrator can cause increased variation in the sensors readings.

Regulatory and Financial Repercussions
Inaccurate flow can have major regulatory and financial repercussions. Many regulatory agencies, like the US EPA, require regular flow calibration of air samplers and analyzers to ensure accurate flow. Pollutant concentrations are simply the mass of the pollutant divided by the total air volume. This air volume is calculated using the flow rate of the instrument multiplied by the total time sampled. Thus, if the flow rate on the instrument is inaccurate, your end concentration will be incorrect. Therefore, reportable ambient air data must adhere to regulatory flow data as instructed by your local agency.

Another repercussion applies to low flow and high precision technologies. Some technologies have a detection limit, which is
the necessary quantity of material needed to perform an analysis. If you are sampling over a period of time and your instrument is inaccurately pulling air at a lower flow rate than is programmed, you may risk not collecting enough sample for your analysis. This error results in a lost period of sampling and possible lost money if you pay the lab only to discover you don’t have enough sample.

Annual Recertification
For these reasons, we suggest that you adhere to the recommended annual recertification of your calibrator. Currently, only our laboratory in Butler, NJ and our European partner TPF Control in The Netherlands are able to perform full calibration of our instruments. We request that you return your calibrators to our laboratory once per year to ensure that your flow readings are accurate by comparing them to our NIST-traceable flow sources. Now that we include all factory repairs in the price of calibration*, this assures the best possible data quality and performance from your calibrator. Please note, any third-party laboratory is only performing a verification to check if the calibrator agrees with a lab standard and are unable to change the necessary constants in the firmware.

To have your instrument recalibrated, please contact our customer service team at csbutler@mesalabs.com for an RMA number and a quote.

*excluding electronic board replacements  

Are You Ready to Upgrade?
Alberto Lola If your PQ100 sampling pump has firmware version 5.X or lower, you may be eligible to participate in our one-for-one trade-in program.

Which firmware version do you have?
The serial number will display when you turn on your unit. If your unit will not turn on, you can determine the firmware from the appearance of the faceplate. If your PQ100 faceplate looks like the picture below on the left, the firmware version is 5.X or lower. The new PQ100 model has a top-mounted ambient temperature probe and taller LCD screen.
Program Specifics
To take part in the trade-in, return your PQ100 with firmware version 5.X or lower to our manufacturing facility in Butler, NJ. Your current pump does not have to be operational to be eligible for this unique offer. The trade-in program only covers the sampling pump, so please do not send the original stand, downtube, or inlet parts as they should be reused with your new sampling pump.

How do you take advantage of this offer?
  1. Provide the serial number of the trade-in PQ100 sampling pump to Mesa’s customer service team to obtain a discounted PQ100 quotation and an RMA number for the return of the trade-in unit.
  2. Issue a purchase order for the new PQ100 pump.
  3. Promptly return the old PQ100 pump to the facility within two weeks of receiving the RMA.**
We encourage all of our customers to take advantage of this limited trade-in policy. Should you have questions or wish to receive a quotation, please contact our customer service team at 973-492-8400 or via email at csbutler@mesalabs.com.

*One for one trade-in policy on new unit discounts
**Customer is responsible for all shipping charges associated with the return unit.

Need to Send Your Equipment in for Service?
All equipment that is sent in for service requires an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.  You can request an RMA online through our website.  Please provide the serial number(s) of the unit(s) that you would like to have serviced, along with the service requested and if there are any issues you are experiencing.  One of our Customer Service team members will respond to your request within 24 hours during regular business hours.  

How Do I Register My Product?
Why register your product?  By registering your product you are aligning your product with our product maintenance database.  Simply visit our website to complete the short form.  Taking the time to register your product ensures your product’s warranty claim information is properly documented in Mesa’s database.  

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