With the Holidays coming up,do not forget to follow these guidelines to protect yourself

5 Methods to Prevent Illness
With the Holidays coming up, do not forget to follow these guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to protect yourself and others from illness at home and work:
Avoid Close Contact
You should keep your distance from other members of the community when you are sick to prevent passing the illness to them as well. Germs are spread from one person to another through tiny droplets when we talk, sneeze or cough, so keeping our distance from others when we are not feeling well is one method to stopping the spread of disease.

Stay at Home
If it is at all possible, it is recommended that you stay at home when you are sick to prevent spreading any illness. Taking a day off work or keeping children home from school is one of the best defenses we have to avoid getting co-workers, classmates or other members of the community sick.

Clean Your Hands
Hygiene is fundamental in the prevention of illness. Regular handwashing reduces the spread of illness so we can remain healthy by removing germs we pick up from daily activities. The CDC has tools available at CDC.gov that teach us how to wash our hands, and other options if soap and clean water are not accessible.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose or Mouth
High traffic areas in our homes or items that are frequently touched can quickly become germ banks. Germs spread when we touch these contaminated surfaces or objects and then touch our faces. Cleaning and disinfecting removes dirt and grime, and sanitizing kills these germs to help prevent the spread of disease.

Clean and Disinfect
CleanItSupply.com has a detailed article of home hygiene tips and best practices to prevent the spread of illness from our homes. They discuss tips on cleaning, how to choose the right cleaning products, and how you can affect your personal hygiene and nutrition to stay healthy. A key to keeping your home or work space healthy is to clean as you go with bleach or sanitizing wipes, focusing especially on those high traffic areas.

This time of year and over the Holidays, we are at higher risk of coming in contact with germs and disease. By taking care of ourselves and our homes by following these 5 methods from the CDC we can do our part to help keep ourselves and our communities healthy.

What Can I Do to Help Prevent Dialysis Treatment Complications?
While Dialysis treatment can be effective at replacing some of the kidney’s lost functionality, there are a number of side effects and treatment complications that a patient can experience. According to the Koncept Analytics Global Dialysis Market Report: 2015 Edition, these complications could include the following:
Access Point Complications
Dialysis is an invasive technique that can result in blockages, aneurysms or infections. Members of the Dialysis team and the patient should check for changes in the access point that may be signs of complications.

Patients undergoing Dialysis are more susceptible to infections, so they should be informed on the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene to help keep the access point clean. Any signs of infection should be addressed and looked after.

Cramps, Nausea and Headaches
It may be necessary to adjust the Dialysis prescription to reduce these symptoms by checking the dialyzer’s water quality, the dialysate composition and the rate of filtration.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has Infection Prevention Tools available such as Dialysis Audit Tools, Dialysis Checklist Tools, Training Videos and Recommended Staff Competencies to help members of the Dialysis team prevent these complications.

Blog - 4 Simple Steps to Protect Your Kidneys
In preparation for the Holiday season, we would like to share four simple steps from everydayhealth.com to keep you and your kidneys healthy:
  • Eat Fruits and Vegetables
  • Take Fish Oil
  • Cut Back on Salt, Protein and Water
  • Fitness

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