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What Should I Use for Saturation Monitoring?
When you do not need a USA EPA FRM sampler, Mesa’s Omni FT is a perfect solution for saturation monitoring. Possible applications include:

• New Construction Sites
• Reclamation Sites
• Fenceline Monitoring at Industrial Sites
• Urban Studies

The OMNI FT is also especially well-suited for speciation studies, such as determining the metal content of particulate matter in a region, because the particulate is collected on a standard 47mm filter with excellent flow control.

USA EPA FRM samplers can be expensive, so the option to choose an OMNI FT for your application saves money. It also increases efficiency. The OMNI FT is extremely portable and can run for 48 hours using the internal battery power. Its 1% flow control accuracy is unrivaled when it comes to non-reference air samplers.


How Do I Know if My Sampling Instrument Has Accurate Flow?
Most sampling instruments, will state that they contain either a mass flow controller or microprocessor flow control using a mass flow sensor. The instrument should also have a stated flow control accuracy.

Have You Seen Our Videos?
We are pleased to announce the release of new videos, and more to come! Be sure to check out our growing video library, now including videos such as:

• PQ200 Quick Start Guide
• PQ200 Performance Checks
• Calibrating Air Flow in an FRM Using a deltaCal
We will be adding more videos as a valuable resource to help you and your facility with your BGI equipment. Have any requests? Let us know!

Reminder: International Service & Service Partners
As a reminder for our European customers, we have instituted a service partnership with TPF Control for the deltaCal, tetraCal and HiVolCal BGI Calibrators. TPF Control is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited facility headquartered out of The Netherlands that fully complies with Mesa’s quality standards. They will repair, update, and re-certify your equipment to factory specifications to provide you with the same service and quality you receive from Mesa Labs.

Also to offer better service to our international customers, we are now furthering our partnership with Inteccon, Inc. With this service partner, we now have service centers available in Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and Chile.

As a reminder for our USA customers, Mesa Labs is pleased to announce that we have reached an Exclusive Agreement with CH Technologies for representation of the BGI Aerosol Research product lines. CH Technologies will become the exclusive distributor for the following products:

• Wright Dust Feeder (WDF-II) – including parts/accessories
• Collison Nebulizer Jars (MRE Type & NSF) – Including parts/accessories

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding these service partnerships.

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