We've Got You Covered This Holiday Season

We've Got You Covered This Holiday Season
Let’s be honest, waiting for the turkey to be cooked to perfection can be this Holiday’s biggest challenge. Making sure your facility is properly monitored and controlled doesn’t need to be. While we may not be able to help with your Thanksgiving feast, you can rest assured we have you covered when it comes to monitoring your facility. While you are away, your Mesa Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) is still hard at work, so you can relax and enjoy your Holiday with friends and family.
Your CMS system will:
  • Send System Calls, E-mails and Text Alerts
  • Offer 24/7 Coverage
  • Allow for Remote Log-In to Check the System (With Your IT Department’s Approval)
  • Store and Record Your Data Until You Return
If only monitoring the turkey was this easy!

If you need assistance, our Mesa team will be there to help. You can contact Technical Support at 303-565-2724, Dial 4.

Reaching Full Potential with a CM System - Daily Reviews
Written by James O’Malley, Senior Director of Monitoring Sales

Daily review of your Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) is an important aspect of qualifying proper operation of the monitoring, data recording and alarm system (CMS) you are using for your facility. Facility/Administrative personnel often believe the CMS is operating at maximum efficiency because it is not alerting them of any problems. While it may be true that it is functioning properly, you are at risk if the CMS is not being reviewed and verified as part of your daily validated system documents and SOPs.

Most CM Systems will operate without issues 98% of the time. They will continue monitoring, recording data and alerting you to issues without any personnel needing to perform manual work that may have otherwise been required. However, the other 2% of the time can cause unnecessary headache, money spent and long hours of extra paperwork if your facility personnel do not take the time each day to check on your CM System.

This 2% can account for issues that range from the system being offline due to network issues, personnel turning off alerts and not resetting them after corrective action was taken or an unnoticed system component failure. While the CMS will notify you of interruptions when it is working properly, there are always outside factors to consider that may prevent these notifications: phone line failure, network down or facility-wide failures.

Taking the time each day to review your CM System operation and maintaining documentation of the review will assure you and your team that you can go through your work day, time off, holiday or weekend with confidence knowing that your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

For further guidance on how to perform daily reviews of your CMS, please contact a Mesa expert.

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