DryCal Trade-In Offer!
DryCal Trade-in Offer
DryCal is now offering an exciting trade-in opportunity that will help you upgrade your primary calibration system to the most advanced and accurate technology available on the market today. The program provides a return credit of $200 for any calibration system, which can then be applied toward the purchase of a new Defender or Definer of your choice. If you’d like to trade-in multiple calibration cells, additional discounts are available with multi-cell trade-ins.
Customers that elect to trade-in their calibrator can follow three easy steps to take advantage of this exciting offer:

1. To obtain a discounted Defender/Definer quote along with an RMA number for the return, provide the serial number and flow range of the trade-in calibrator to the Mesa customer service team.
2. Place the purchase order for the new Defender/Definer 220 unit.
3. Promptly return the trade-in calibrator to Mesa within two weeks of receiving your new Defender/Definer 220.

Whether looking to replace an old calibrator or looking to try Mesa's state-of-the-art non-mercury piston prover technology, we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of this unique trade-in policy. The customer service team at Mesa is excited to answer any questions you may have about this offer, and to provide product quotations. You can reach the customer service team at (973) 492-8400 or at csbutler@mesalabs.com

Black Lung Disease May Not Be a Thing of the Past
Alberto Lola The Australian government has been under scrutiny recently, since the first cases of “black lung” disease have been diagnosed in coal mine workers in nearly 60 years. The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) is also under fire for allegedly not processing 150,000 X-rays of union worker’s lungs, making diagnosis of “black lung” disease in coal miners virtually impossible. Australian 
coal miners face the sad reality that the very unions that were built to protect their health have been negligent in detecting the early signs of this potentially fatal disease.
“Black lung” disease, or pneumoconiosis, is a preventable occupational, man-made disease of the lung parenchyma, caused by a reaction of the lung tissue to dust particles. In 1969 the U.S. Congress mandated that the disease be eradicated from the coal industry. While it may not have been eradicated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recorded a steep decline in mortality from coal workers pneumoconiosis since the 1970s. The prevalence of pneumoconiosis among U.S. coal miners in the early 2000’s was roughly 3.5% as compared to a whopping 11.2% in the early 1970’s. While this decrease shows a vast improvement is a welcome change to the health of coal workers in the U.S., many still express frustration that this preventable disease has not been eradicated entirely.

Industrial hygiene regulations, requiring personal sampling pumps in coal mine settings, are designed to protect worker health and prevent health complications such as pneumoconiosis. Products like the Defender gas flow calibrator are an important step in ensuring quality data acquisition and guaranteeing worker safety.

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