DataTrace Pro v1.3 Release

DataTrace Pro v1.3 Release
With the newest DataTrace Pro release, we would like to highlight the latest updates and fixes:

Standard to Sentinel
To reflect the capabilities of the new version, we have changed the name from DT Pro Standard to DT Pro Sentinel.

Data Management
  • Improved Windows User Access Control Compatibility
  • Now Accommodates Much Larger Real-Time RF Networks (>40 Loggers, >2 Repeaters)
Group Controls
You can now:

  • Assign data loggers to a group at programming.
  • Edit group associations from the data screen. This includes adding or removing loggers from groups in the RF view.
  • View the minimum, maximum and average statistics for all groups.
  • Apply specific data evaluations to specific groups within the overall study.
The following features have been added:

  • Dividing Multiple Cycles into Phases Automatically
  • Standard Deviation and Other Standard Statistics to Select for Reporting
  • Visual Heat Mapping
Food Specific Applications
  • Advanced Study (Process) Controls
  • Customizable Naming Conventions and Options
  • Customized Microsoft Word Forms
  • ETA to Set Point
  • Conveyor Speed Calculations
  • Expanded Options for Phase Insertion
  • Bacterial Growth Zone
Now, you can:
  • View lethality in real-time from RF data.
  • Apply lethality calculations to a single logger or group of loggers in your reporting.
System security admin have been given the ability to disable new features and group controls in order to minimize validation requirements

How to Upgrade
The upgrade is available for free at You do not need a new certification code for the upgrade, so you will not need to purchase a new license; however, please keep in mind that you will need a new code for each new installation. Please call us for a certification code or if you have any questions.

Validation documentation is available. We also offer data migration services. Please contact us if there is any way we can help.

A full video detailing the latest updates and fixes is also available.

New DataTrace Battery Life Calculator
Now available in your App Store around the world, the new DataTrace Battery Life Calculator is the perfect solution to maintaining your expected data logger quality and helping you prevent costly data loss. This companion App to your loggers allows you to estimate the usage of your DataTrace batteries, helping you keep your batteries in good condition and know when the time comes to replace them.

We are taking the guess work out of battery life. The App will help you predict if your battery will make it through your next process cycle, or if you need to change it out. Say good-bye to lost data acquisition, communication failures or erratic functionality, and be confident in your batteries with our Calculator.

More information on how battery life can affect your data loggers is available through our Blog.

Download the App:


Case Study: Stonewall Kitchen, LLC.
Stonewall Kitchen, LLC, is a manufacturer of sauces and marinades. They hot-fill bottles and jars, normally reaching temperatures greater than 180°F. Before they can produce and sell any new or existing products, their local process authority, the University of Maine, will review their process to deem whether it is acceptable or not. This requires Stonewall to produce data to show they are following FDA mandates on how their products should be processed in order to be safe. This data includes the pH, length of time, and temperature changes over time in the bottle as it passes through the pasteurizer and cooling tunnel.

To show the local process authority they are meeting temperature requirements and the cool off period is appropriate for the sauce, Stonewall uses DataTrace data loggers from Mesa Labs. They perform the hot fill process with a data logger situated at the bottom of the bottle or jar. They consistently test the temperatures and verify that the starting temperatures reflect the measured temperatures coming out of the filling head by using a calibrated thermometer. Doing this, they expect to see the initial product temperature reach at least 180°F.

The Challenge

Stonewall expects to see small, incremental reductions in temperature as the bottle or jar cools; however, in this case, they were seeing rapid drop off and initial temperatures below 180°F. During the process, they were not getting the readings they were expecting. With the loggers cooling off more quickly than they should, sometimes as much as 20°F in a matter of minutes, they sent the loggers into Mesa’s labs to be tested.

The Solution? See how we helped >>

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