Mesa Joins the Semi Organization
DryCal products have long supported our partners that supply and work in the semiconductor industry across the gas delivery and 
analysis sub-systems to help them keep pace with Moore’s Law. Mesa Labs is joining the Semi organization as a corporate member to address and overcome the gas flow challenges faced by our clients as they scale down to 7 nm and beyond. Semi is the primary trade association for the semiconductor and solar manufacturing industries. 

You've Never Seen Flow Calibration Like This
Alberto Lola Mesa DryCal has been known for our Defender and Definer Series, but did you know your calibration can be enhanced even further with our Met Lab Series?  Our high-precision positive displacement primary flow standards offer exceptional low uncertainties, meeting the most stringent laboratory and industrial process control requirements. Here is the Met Lab Series at a glance:
  • Integrator Pro
    Improve calibration and manufacturing efficiency with the Integrator Pro. Control up to four  Mass Flow Controllers, Mass Flow Meters, or other analog flow instruments individually or  simultaneously, and generate custom, automated calibrations and reports through the DryCal  Pro software on your laptop or PC. The Met Lab Series is able to communicate directly with the  Integrator Pro, allowing for instant flow comparisons.  
  • ML-800
    The ML-800 is a positive displacement primary piston prover for gas flow measurements in  either pressure or vacuum applications, with a flow range of 0.5 sccm (standard cubic  centimeter per minute) to 100 slpm (standard liters per minute). Using Proven DryCal  Technology, it combines the accuracy of a primary standard with unequaled speed and  convenience, offering low uncertainties that meet the most stringent laboratory and  industrial process control requirements.
  • ML Flex System
    Improve calibration and manufacturing efficiency with the ML Flex System. Up to 4 ML-800 flow  cells can be mounted onto this single base and operated simultaneously to provide  unprecedented calibration throughput of flow components and/or analytical instruments. A  must for any lean production and testing environment!
  • ML-1020 & 1500
    The Met Lab 1020 or 1500 measure flow from 5 slpm to 500 slpm within an accuracy of ±0.25%  or ±0.4%, respectively. Flow measurements can be taken manually (one reading at a time), or  automatically in the continuous mode, with up to 100 measurements in an averaging sequence.
  • Gas Flow Benches
    Our Flow Benches offer practical engineered solutions for calibration of gas flow measurement  devices using Proven DryCal Technology.  These benches are pre-configured for specific  applications with a flow range of 5 ccm to 500 slm.
Please contact a Mesa representative for a free consultation to discover how the Met Lab Series can help with your flow calibration.

Come See Us at the Emerson Exchange
We will be exhibiting our DryCal product lines at the Emerson Exchange conference from October 12-16, 2015 at the Denver Convention Center in Colorado. Come visit us at Booth #403 to learn more about our proven DryCal® Technology, and what it means for your calibration solutions.

What others are saying:
“At no other time throughout the year do we all have so much opportunity to build relationships and share our experiences.”
“A fantastic opportunity to enter into dialogue with those who really know the systems.”

DryCal is Now Direct in the USA
Mesa Labs is pleased to announce that we have shifted to an entirely direct model for both sales and service of the Bios DryCal Defender and Definer 220 product lines within the USA. Our decision to move to a direct sales approach will allow for Mesa to continue to provide a high level of customer service while working directly with our expanding customer base in the US for all their flow calibration needs.**

Traceable Calibrations & Reference Standards
Here in the USA, most literature for flow instrumentation and/or instrumentation calibration services includes a statement explaining that the device’s calibration is NIST-traceable. Other countries may see similar statements such as PTB-traceable, or INMETRO-traceable calibrations. Such statements are an important part of meeting performance goals, but are not necessarily clear on how such traceability impacts the uncertainty of the instrument’s measurement after calibration.

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